Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Night Train to Memphis by Elizabeth Peters

Elizabeth Peters spins a fantastic yarn through Egypt on a boat and on land.Along on this journey is Dr. Vicky Bliss an official of the National Museum in Munich, her boss Director Doctor Schmidt and Sir John who was Vicky's boyfriend but he is now married. Vicky is convinced to go undercover on a cruise yo Egypt to prevent and identify a thief. Once convinced on the boat Vicky see's Sir John and his bride, bit Vicky is John's ex love and knows he is a bit of a thief. It seems all things go awry and there is mass confusion when the ship sails. The storyline consists of humor,terrorism,theft,some fun and some romance. My favorite character is Schmidt he was very endearing and smarter than people thought. I plan to read more of the Vicky Bliss books. Bravo Ms Peters Thanks to Net Galley and Grand Central Publishing

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