Monday, September 30, 2013

Cold Mourning by Brenda Chapman

This is a story about two Native American girls put into foster care,they are kidnapped by a man and unspeakable things were done to them. They are separated, but promise to find each other some day. Kala Stonechild eventually becomes a police detective in Ottawa on their special team. Kala and Sargent Rouleau are called to investigate the murder of Tom Underwood, throughout the investigation you learn of Tom's very dysfunctional family,friends and business partner, there are more murders and attempted murders for them to solve before the investigation is taken away from them by the Major Crimes unit. Kala finds her cousin Rosie but she disappears again. This was a well written storyline and the characters were great and they were very much like real people. I recommend this to all those who love the mystery genre and those who don't usually read mysteries this might change your mind Thanks to Net Galley and Dundurn..

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