Monday, March 31, 2014

Midnight at Marble Arch by Anne Perry

Anne Perry has written another Charlotte and Thomas Pitt winning novel. Finally Thomas takes charge as the Commander of the Special Branch. In this story Thomas and Victor Narraway ,the former Commander investigate two different rapes of girls and high society women. Vespasia and Charlotte discuss the crimes in a way that would be done today. Can't wait to read the next one. Thanks Net Galley and Ballantine books.

Martyr's Fire by Sigmond Brouwer

As I began reading this book I realized I should have read the first two in the series, as some of the characters were introduced in those books and their history had begun. But with that said, the story was so full of mystery that it kept you guessing about how everything would end up. The book is set during the Medieval times of castles,noblemen,knights,the druids,the holy Grail and deep dark dungeons. In this segment fifteen monks of the Priests of the Holy Grail arrive in Magnus. They preformed tricks to make the people think the were miracles and believe in them. Thomas tries to stay hidden but his cover is blown by a friend. Though I would recommend reading this book after the first two.

Death on Blackheath by Anne Perry

Another wonderful Charlotte and Thomas Pitt story. Thomas who is Commander of the Special Branch that oversees the safety of Britain, is called to a gravel pit to examine a body found dead and mutilated to investigate because a high ranking official lives close by and there was hair and broken glass in front of his house and they have a maid missing. They find another body at the pit and Thomas helps the police investigate that murder. This story is well written as usual and the characters are just as wonderful as ever. Fans of Anne Perry and the Pitts this is a must read. Thanks to Net Galley and Ballantine Books for allowing me to read this book in return for a honest review.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dawn to Deadly Nightshade by Shelach Mazey

A well written historical book with a cast of characters and a storyline that was easy to follow. Once you have gotten into the read you understand how well researched it was and the description of the places and what was going on leads you to believe it could have really happened. Thanks to Net Galley and Matador.