Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wall Street West by Christina Guarneri

This was about a man who worked as an associate at Goldman Sachs when the twin towers fell and after witnessing this he quit his job to join the military. He served in Iraq and saw things that no one should ever see. he had alot of trouble readjusting to his life when he came home. He had a meeting with Mayor Jackson , who told him he thought he should run for Congress, saying he would not win but would set him up for the next election. He loses but later runs for councilman and wins. He then runs for mayor. This storyline tells of the journey of one man who wants to do the right things for the people. Thanks to Net Galley.

Pirate Vishnu by Gigi Pandian

This is a story about Jaya Jones a Professor of History in San Francisco who becomes involved in a murder and a treasure hunt, Her friends Tamarind a librarian, Sanjay a magician and Lane her ex boyfriend help her try to interpret a treasure map to recover the Heart of India. The investigation becomes dangerous and leads Jaya to India and back to San Francisco, The storyline goes from present day back to 1905 and 1906, I ;love a book like this and the characters are fun,intelligent and a tight knit loving group. I can't wait to read Artifact the first in this series. Thanks to Net Galley and Henery Press for introducing me to this wonderful author.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Godfathers of London by M.C. Dutton

Det Sargent Jaswinder Sigh of the London Metro Police nicknamed Jazz is thought to have a black cloud hanging over his head . because his partners seem to get killed or hurt. After spending time to get over yet another partners death he comes back to work witrh a new partner Ash Kumar. The officers take bets on how long he will last. Jazz seems to have a little vengeful streak about him. Jass and Ash are embroiled in a murder case involving many deaths and murders, Ash gets into trouble and Jazz helps solve them and walks a fine line between good and bad. This was a wonderful book with a great storyline and the characters are like criminals and good guys. Thanks to Net Galley and Troubador Publishing.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shadows of the Pomagranite Tree by Tariq Ali

This was a story of one family's fight to keep their religion and not have to convert to become Christians. They wanted the right to practice their Muslim religion. Umar the father is very rich and will not convert nor will his two daughters or his two sons, they want to be able to practice freely and openly and not fear death. The older son leaves to form an army to fight the Jihad. This book told a story about how one religion wants to be the only religion and would try to accomplish it anyway they could. The author had a great storyline and wonderfully realistic characters. I plan on reading more of this author soon.