Friday, February 28, 2014

Death is a Certainty by Ted York

A group of assassins are assembled to kill people all over Britain, Ludvig Korosvek an ex-KGB officer is the head of the operation . He recruits two people who have worked for him before, Ivan and Katya who in turn recruits the assassins, they are Russian and Bulgarians. All goes well until one of the assassins try to kill Colonel John Harriman, the head of an elite security company, that causes his company to start an investigation involving several government agencies,you will wonder how and why the deaths are ordered but you must read the book to find out. Wee-written storyline and characters are wonderful, it could have used more background info on Co. Harriman, but otherwise a wonderful book. Thanks to Net Galley and Matadoe for allowing me to read this fine book.

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