Monday, July 29, 2013

Blackstone and the Endgame by Sally Spencer

The date is 1916 and Inspector Sam Blackstone is called into his superior's office. Superintendent Brigham gives Sam an assignment that does not feel right to Sam or Archie Patterson his sergeant. As Sam suspected he was set up. he was arrested and jailed but he was broken out on his way to court. He wandered the streets until he was being beaten by thugs and a old friend from Russia, Max. He then went to Russia to recuperate and wait for Max to try to help him.Meanwhile, back in London Archie was arrested for breaking Sam out while waiting to tun himself in he tries to clear Sams name,during this time strange things begin to happen. If you like historical Victorian mysteries set in Britain please read this book. Ms Spence developed quite a fine storyline and some wonderful characters. I can not wait to read more of Sam Blackstone. Thanks to Net Galley and Severn House Publishers.

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